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Top Golf

Historically speaking, golf has garnered a reputation built around tradition, protocol and in some people’s mind a unique skill set. Setting out to play a full 18 holes on an outdoor golf course remains an ambitious, and depending on the location, an expensive way to spend a day.

That’s right, I said day as it can easily eat up a significant part of the day — especially if you’re playing with me. Heading to the driving range has become a great way to hit some balls, work on your swing and blow off some steam. An outing mini-golfing offers a fun, yet still competitive way to enjoy the game. Despite these options, being around the game always seemed to compromise a luxury experience, while you over-swing and fail to keep your eye on the ball. Enter Top Golf.

Coined as an entertainment destination

I began hearing about this new brand of golf at the beginning of the year and initially assumed it was like most “nicer driving ranges.” Walking onto the grounds of Top Golf in Edison, NJ it was clear this was something different. Starting with the modern architecture this massive structure right off of Rt.1 South looked more country club than a place to hit some balls.


This three-level 65,000 square foot facility happens to be the first NJ location for Top Golf and its design aesthetic is Soho NYC slick. Everything speaks to high-tech golf entertainment with full range of services including a restaurant, bar, versatile menu and luxurious golf entertainment. The venue provides options for the avid to casual golfer with a range of amenities including a board room, outdoor terrace and lounge. Immediately I envisioned closing that business deal, enjoying a family reunion or making a sleepy Tuesday night suddenly vibrant.

Top Golf features 102 hitting bays spread out over three levels. Keeping with the technologically advanced atmosphere, computer screens at each bay are equipped with the ability to relay distance on each ball hit as each golf ball contains a microchip. All of the bays have televisions and are climate controlled by heated ceiling vents, allowing guests to golf year-round.

I picked the perfect time to experience Top Golf on the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament. Menu options and a full slate of bar selections provided little reason to watch my bracket bust anywhere else. Comfortable and spacious lounge seating along with a high bar table seating option made me feel at home coupled with a friendly, attentive staff.

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