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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

In many success stories it’s said that there is an underlying motivation for pursuing something. In other words, there’s a ‘why’. The thought is something fuels an individual to sacrifice time, comfortability and in many cases endure hardships in order to share an internal motivation with the world. I’m no different. At 43 years old I’ve seen enough to know what some of my contributions to society can and will be. Looking ahead, I’m committed to gathering all of that data and manifesting my vision.

The experiences I’ve had both professionally and personally have made me a rich man. Rich in terms of the lens through which I see the world, experiences that helped shape me and ultimately my ability to know that the only thing separating what I visualize and what manifests is the willingness to execute.

Spending the first part of my life trying to follow the playbook laid out to most of us made me realize that an iconoclast is one that stands alone. Each one of us has a unique perspective and gift that only we can give the world. Most unfortunately don’t spend enough time finding that gift. Individuality has been replaced with groupthink and monolithic behavior. In these days and times the proverbial hot topic is ‘culture’. As in ‘do it for the culture.’ Which is a concept I don’t totally disagree with. However, messaging that encourages singular thought is dangerous ground.

Based on my upbringing I embrace culture from a far less specific space than ‘the culture.’ It’s my belief that culture can be not just a descriptive word and not limited to an action word. My contention is that culture is the starting point of understanding luxury, a state of being.

We define luxury as it is the understanding and appreciation of quality. It’s something that is a part of your everyday existence and state of mind. Specifically, a life immersed in the arts, travel, style, lifestyle and wellness is the foundation for an individual to evolve and elevate. Creating a platform that speaks to those intent on being CULTURED and who embrace LUXURY is my motivation.

Look for a wide array of content created in this space which is the beginning of a multilayered lifestyle brand catering to a life of taste and imagination. My mission is to provide a needed voice intent on helping my audience Live Your Legacy.

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