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Three Steps to Stay productive: Overcoming the Pandemic

We’ve all been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in different ways, yet there’s one thing that is shared amongst each of us. We have an opportunity to not only remain productive but in some cases become more even efficient at a time when many have lost focus.

Hard times will certainly challenge us and test our resolve but when you stop and think there’s usually an opportunity of some sort hidden in the midst of it all. I’ve used this time to hone in on my entrepreneurial vision and the process I need to put in place to achieve my goals. I’d like to share three main methods I applied to become more productive during a time that required all of us to step back and evaluate our purpose and how we would come out of this period better than how we entered.

Sharpen the Vision

Prior to this time in history I had a general sense of some things I wanted to do entrepreneurially. Admittedly, I spent a lot of time thinking about those, imagining what I would do and even going so far as to share what my plan was to those close to me. This process seemed to be ongoing as looking back I got more comfortable with the idea of doing something then actually doing it.

As things in the world slowed down I was able to implement a strategy my grandfather used to say,“to speed things up, you must slow them down.”

Now more than ever was the perfect time to apply this lesson.

Ironically the more I began to write my ideas on paper and map out the steps needed to get these ideas into action, everything began to crystallize. This led me to my next step in maximizing my time during this pandemic.

Architect the Vision

A crucial element to what I’ve been able to do over the last few months is develop the language of who I am and what I’m creating. This was a necessary step as I began to put together a team to help carry out what was in my mind.

The ability to communicate what I wanted to get done, both short snd long term allowed the right people to get on board and demonstrate how they could add value. Suddenly, I went from and idea only in my mind to a tight knit circle having the ability to bring their expertise to the table.

One of the things I found to be important about this step was it gave me added confidence in pursuing my vision knowing that there is a path to accomplishment. It also forced me to structure me time to meet various deadlines and deliverables to keep the process moving. The added accountability kept the vision in front of me and helped me stay focused and disciplined.

Investing in my Vision

The concept of an investment starts with sacrificing something in order to get a return in the future. This step can be the most daunting as it requires you to truly decide how important seeing this idea through. Although financial investment is certainly a requirement it’s not the only form of sacrifice that you’re likely to encounter.

Time is perhaps the most underrated form of investment that I found to exist during this process.

Dedicating thought equity, social time as well as just personal downtime can be a detriment or an asset. In my case I made a conscious decision that this was worth as much time as I could possibly dedicate to it. The results have shown me that in the end I’ll get more than I put in.

Financial investment is the other aspect of this as having faith in your proof of concept and overall goals will lessen the initial pain of literally putting your money behind your idea. It’s just about impossible to skip this part of the process particularly if you’re looking at remaining as independent as you can. Often you will see the true dedication based on the sacrifice one makes in any of these areas.


Each of these things played an equally significant role in me staying productive during what certainly is a challenging time for all. The key to keep in mind is every possible setback presents an opportunity.

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