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Paradigm Luxury Group (PLG) is a boutique Luxury Lifestyle Agency that is multifaceted and unique in its approach. Positioned at the nexus of consulting, lifestyle & talent management, event marketing and digital media, PLG empowers clients while also being at the forefront of luxury culture. 


Utilizing a vast network of thought leaders in fashion, art, hospitality, sports & entertainment along with consumer brands, non-profit and corporate entities PLG initiates and leads cultural dialogue.


In service to our clients we are committed to being the vanguard of innovation, creativity and passion without sacrificing our foundation of consciousness. 


We take a collaborative approach to all of our endeavors and look to add value to our partners in an effort to demonstrate imagination and audacity. As a trailblazer in the luxury space, our intention is to positively disrupt the status quo and establish new expectations that will forever become the new standard. 


Our services can be customized independently or collectively to offer a full scope of offerings for brands, corporations and private clients. 

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Meet The CEO

Meet the Founder

James A. Mccormick IV

James possesses a rare combination of extensive corporate experience with a creative entrepreneurial spirit. After more than 20 years of working in the sports/entertainment, hospitality, fashion and luxury industries he set out to combine his relationships and experiences to form an agency dedicated to changing the standard of luxury.

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