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The Total Man

What was is not what is, or at least it shouldn’t be. Yellow cabs are to ride sharing services just as cable television has lost traction to streaming. In the same vein, men more so than ever are taking their share of the marketplace in the areas of wellness, travel and style. As we head into the closing months of 2020 the mantra ‘evolve or die’ has never been more accurate as it relates to today’s man.

For the purposes of this column I’ll refer to this as the men’s lifestyle renaissance. The expectation that all men this, or most men that — whether it’s the assumption that ‘the game’ is all we are concerned about or that details don’t matter to this species is quite simply antiquated.

The nattily dressed male who is able to actually pick out and pair his own clothes, knows his wines AND can tell you what team LeBron James is the new masculinity. Not that it ever wasn’t. It’s my contention that we all have some semblance of renaissance man in all of us. It just hasn’t been developed.


Dressing well, developing our inner being and living a life centered around evolving is the new masculinity. It’s not just on trend but it’s on time as in order to properly fulfill our purpose and lead our families and communities we must equip ourselves.

What an exciting time to explore lanes that have never been fully developed. The society we live in will attempt to keep us in a box. Let’s take back those limiting expectations and maximize our capabilities in every aspect of life. It’s our time now to embrace being a total man.

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